Hong Kong SAR Department of Health described hair loss as Men's Most Painful. The Public Opinion Programme (POP) has conducted 3 studies in Hong Kong regarding the psychological and social impacts of Men Hair Loss.

Study 1 : The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss in Men

Date of Study : June 1999

4420 men with hair loss were recruited into the study. Their ages were between 25 to 54. Their responses to questioning were as follows :
•   77.4% believed they look older than the actual age when without hair
•   48.6% believed that hair loss made them less attractive to the opposite sex
•   25.2% were consequently emotionally disturbed
•   25.0% lost self-confidence from hair loss
•   13.1% believed that hair loss had affect their employment opportunity

Study 2: Opinions of Single Female on Men with Hair Loss

Date of Study : Feb 2000

545 female were recruited into the study. Their ages were between 18 to 40 and responses to questioning were as follows :
•   91.9% agreed that hair loss can affect the appearance of men
•   84.8% considered men with hair loss look older than their actual ages
•   80.9% considered men appearance an important consideration in their choosing of partners
•   67.6% believed that hair loss will reduce men's attractiveness
•   47.1% claimed that men with hair loss lack confidence
•   37.7% reported that they mind about hair loss when selecting their male partners

Study 3 : Opinions of Employers upon Job Applicants with Hair Loss

Date of Study : 2005

In order to understand how hair loss can affect job application, Pfizer (US) in 2005 appointed JobsDB.com and POP to conduct 2 studies in Hong Kong. The results confirmed that hair loss has a negative impact upon job applicants. 113 employer in Hong Kong were recruited in the study. Their response to questioning were as follows :
•   80% of employers agreed that applicants with hair loss look older
•   43% of employers would not employ hair loss applicants for frontline customer service
•   35% of employers expressed a negative opinion on applicants with hair loss
•   26% of employers indicated that they will not appoint applicants with hair loss to represent their companies as manager to attend important business meetings

Study 4 : Opinions of Job Applicants Regarding Hair Loss and Job Interview

Date of Study : 2005

500 Hong Kong residents over the age of 25 were recruited in the study. They all had a job interview within the last 3 years and concerned about their hair loss problem. Their response to questioning were as follows :
•   59% indicated that hair loss reduced their competitiveness;
•   56% believed hair loss adversely affected the first impression of the employers
•   47% believed that hair loss adversely affected their confidence during job interview
•   20% had given up the chance of job interview because of their hair loss

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