Technique 1 : Reduce Width of Strip

Doctor's Comment : Scar formation is unpredictable. Invisible scar cannot be guaranteed in all cases.

Over the years hair transplant surgeons have tried many methods to achieve the "invisible" scar in the donor area. There are 4 common ways to minimize donor scar. Transection is the accidental damage to the hair follicle by sharp blade during harvesting and graft cutting. To survive, the mid-portion (contains stem cells) must be intact. To compensate for wasted graft a wider strip must be excised. The increase of few minimeter can make a big difference to the wound closing tension. Smaller strip means lesser scar, so we reduce strip size by:

•   Careful planning using less grafts for best result
•   Minimizing transection by combining different techniques

Technique 2 : Retention Suture


This technique create mechanical creep for tension free closure, and allows close approximation of wound edges. It has been used in abdominal surgery for decades. Dr Pathomvanich (Thailand) adopted the technique into donor wound closure. Satisfactory results have been observed in more than 1,000 cases. Stitches can be removed as early as day 5. No unsightly stitch marks were left in most cases. Even tight wound can be closed without tension. This technique leaves no buried stitches so there is less tissue reaction and better scar formation.

AfterCare of Donor Areas

Sutures should be kept long enough for proper healing. Forceful or jerky movement of the neck should be avoided for the first 4 weeks. Topical Silicone, Vitamin C preparation and steroid have all been advocated.

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Technique 3 : Scar Reduction After FUT

3 techniques are available in our center to reduce size of scalp scar:
1. Scalp Micropigmentation
2. FUE-Grafting into scar
3. Excision and Re-Closure

The advance of Scalp Micropigmentation has made it the preferred choice in most cases. Also it changes our preference for hair transplant technique, when FUT making a return. The downside of FUT, the linear scar at the back of the head, can now be easily fixed by SMP, leaving the patients with the option of wearing skin head even after a FUT procedure.

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