With our Hair Transplant Procedure, you can rssume most daily activities within days


Wearing Hat or Banada

Same Day on Discharge
Indoor ActivitiesNext Day (Day 1)
Shopping, Dining OutNext Day (Day 1)
Hair Wash at HomeDay 2 (Day 1 we shampoo for you)
Travel by PlaneDay 2 (We had patients leaving that same evening)
Drink AlcoholDay 2
Office WorkDay 2
Light Exercise (Tai Chi)After 1 week
GolfAfter 1 week
Hair Styling Gel / SprayAfter 1 week
Wearing Hairpiece / WigAfter 1 week
Resume Minoxidil LotionAfter 10 days
Moderate Exercise (jogging)After 2 weeks
Hair Cut / DyeAfter 4 weeks;
Strenous Exercise (weight lifting, soccer)After 4 weeks
Swimming (pool or beach)After 4 weeks
Sauna After 3 - 4 months