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Why Online Assessment?

Hair transplant, Eyebrow Transplant and SMP are all medical procedures. Patient selection is the key in achieving the best possible result. By sending us some information online, you will have a rough idea whether your expectation can be met before scheduling for a doctor consultation.

4 Simple Steps

Step 1

•   To Save You Time and Money, connect Us via Whatsapp, WeChat or Email

Step 2

•   Take 4 pictures ( see below ) and send to us.

Front and Hairline
1. Front
2. Front Tilting
Side of Head (Donor Zone)
3. Front Bending
Side of Head (Donor Zone)
4. Back of Head

Step 3

Inform us the followings:

Intended area for improvement
Prefer Technique

   •  FUT
   •  FUE
   •  SMP
   •  No Idea or No Preference

Any of the followings for hair loss

   •  Finasteride
   •  Minoxidil
   •  Others drugs
   •  Previous hair transplant / eyebrow transplant / SMP


•   We will then evaluate you condition and reply accordingly
•   If you are a good candidate for our service, we will arrange a doctor assessment for you.

PRIVACY POLICY Your personal details would not be released to any third party but deleted afterwards. We would not contact you again for any promotion.