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Doctor's Comment

Donor density was rather low. We limited donor havesting to behind the ears. No scar was visible with short hair at sides. Hairline looks natural even on close-up. Plenty of donor hair was left for future use.

Demo Cases

After the procedure it takes 4 months for the hair to wake up from the resting phase (Telogen), and expect some shedding of the transplanted hair at this stage; After 4 months hair starts to grow at 1cm per month. It usually takd 12 to 18 months to se the final result.

The Next 12 months

Same Night

•   Mild discomfort when the anesthesia wears off
•   Don't over eat as some may feel nausea
•   You should sleep well, no worry

Day 1

•   You may still feel tired, better rest at home
•   Feel tight at the back of the head
•   Feel numb on transplanted area
•   These should settled easily with our pain-relieving tablets

Day 3

•   May have some swelling on the forehead and around the eyes
•   It should NOT happen if wear the headband as instructed

Day 5-7

•   You should feel much better once the sutures are removed
•   Mild tighness is still expected where we took the strip
•   Definitely eased with time

After 1-2 weeks

•   Some scabs on the transplanted site
•   They can easily be removed following our instruction

After 4 weeks

•   Transplanted hair and some hairs around the donor wound may shed
•   Don't worry, they will grow back

After 1-6 months

•   Nothing much happen
•   The transplanted hair may stay or come off. Doesn't matter

After 6-8 months

•   You should now enjoy seeing and feeling new hair growing
•   Come in and say Hello
•   You may probably forget what you looked like before by now
•   We'll compare your pictures before and after

After 12 months

•   You should have now seen the best result
•   See us now in case you need another session

When Can I See New Hair

•   Hardest part of hair transplant is waiting for the hair to grow
•   At time you may be frustrated that nothing happens
•   New hair shafts continue to grow underneath the skin, reaching surface in 3-4 months
•   By 6 months you will notice some difference when hair grows to cover the area
•   It takes 10 months to actually see the result as hair grows 1 - 1.5 cm per month

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