100 Years of History

Hair transplant has been performed since 1900's. The 100 Years of Experience has proved that hair transplant is an effective surgical treatment for hair loss. That transplanted grafts can survive and last a life time is a proven scientific fact. According to statistics, in 2016 there were 635,189 hair transplant procedure performed worldwide, involving an amount of HKD47,000,000,000. Compared with 225,779 cases in 2006, it increases 280% in ten years.

Men account for 86% of all cases, the average age is 20-59 years old. There was 200,000 cases in Asia, second only to the United States, accounting for 31% of the global total.

Accepted by Celebrities and General Public

Since 1959, hair transplant has evolved into one of the fastest growing and most well respected aesthetic surgical subspecialties. This procedure has attracted the attention of the celebrities and general publics. In 2008 over 260,000 cases were performed worldwide. The followings openly admitted about their hair transplant:
•  American baseball hall of famer Wade Boggs
•  Former Major League Baseball player, Joe Niekro
•  British celebrity, Shaun Williamson
•  UK rock star, Francis Rossi
•  Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi
•  Brirish Soccer Player, Wayne Rooney

Historial Evidence

•  1882, Joann Dieffenbach ( Germany ) used goose quills as trephines and began the history of auto hair transplantation
•  1939, Dr Shoji Okuda ( Japan ) reported 30 successful cases of punch graft hair transplant
•  1959, Dr Norman Orentreich ( USA ) reported Donor Dominance and became the first hair transplant surgeon in western countries
•  1990, Dr Misumi Inaba ( Japan ) published his FUE technique
•  1991, Dr Bobby Limmer ( USA ) introduced the use of microscopes in graft dissection, starting the new era of Follicular Unit Hair Transplant
•  2005, Dr Jerry Wong ( Canada ) introduced Ultra-Refined Follicular Unit Transplant, UR-FUT

Scientific Evidence

Scientists have all agreed that the human scalp has 2 types of hairs: DHT sensitive and DHT insensitive. The DHT insensitive hair is not affected by the undesired DHT which induces hair miniaturization in Androgenetic Alopecia. They can lasts a lifetime and is labeled "Permanent Hair". After years of research, Dr Orentriech ( USA ) in 1959 reported the princip1e of Donor Dominance.
The Donor Dominance Phenomenon states that hairs when moved from one body area to another maintained their original characters (color, curl, texture and growth rate). This explains why hair transplant is possible. Also there is no rejection of transplanted hair as hair are transferred from one part of the scalp (donor site) to another (recipient site) of the same person. No chance of rejection as only own hairs are used.

Documented Evidence

Before & After Pictures of Patients

Thousands of patients' photos can be found online in hair transplant centers website.

Medical Publication

Medical textbooks, medical journals, and scientific papers had been published since 1930's.

Approved by Government

Canadian Government

Hair transplant was considered as an effective surgical treatmen, as before the new 2013 Budget the cost for Hair Transplant is qualified for a tax credit on income tax.

Hong Kong Government

Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health HKSAR had listed hair loss as Men " Most Painful ". Hair Transplant is listed as treatment option ( Read More ) .

Approved by the Medical Profession

Patients becomes Surgeons

Many doctors suffered hair loss and asked for hair transplant. After having a hair transplant some were so impressed by the result that they changed their career and became hair transplant surgeons.

Medical Organizations

There are at least 16 hair transplant medical societies all over the world. Open examinations are prepared to assess the competency of hair transplant surgeons.

Message from the Doctor

Welcome to “Doctor's Talk,” where I’ll talk about everything related to hair loss and hair transplants. This series is here to help you understand more about how hair treatments work and what you can expect from them. The information provided is based on my 18 years of experience in dealing with hair loss.

Disclaimer - Please note that this series is purely educational. Reading these posts does not guarantee my services, nor are they intended for business promotion. Information provided is not guaranteed to be up-to-date and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice.

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Dr Bertram Ng

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