FUE Hair transplant before and after

Doctor's Comment

Before accepting anyone for procedure, the first question I always asked is, “Why he/she wants a hair transplant right at this moment?” The second question is, “Can I meet his/her expectation?”

Someone who appears on stage need to look young and energetic. He/she would require a very low hairline with high density coverage. Restoring the temporal hairline is often necessary. On the other hand, Rick is an interior designer. We would like to maintain his professional image. Moreover his donor density is rather low with too many single hair ( see chart ). We have to ensure his new look will last him into his 60’s or 70’s. We anticipated that Ricky’s hair loss at the top will deteriorate with time. Some good quality hair must be left for future use. Ricky agrees on a more conservative approach.

In hair transplant "Density is King". Any less than 35 grafts per square cm would be perceived as "thin". 50 to 55 grafts per square cm is usually required for the hairline. We have to remember that hairline is the outer perimeter of a circle'. Lowering the hairline by 1cm would consume up to 600 grafts. So we set the hairline a bit higher to limit the area for dense packing. It is more realistic to conver Ricky from a Class V into a Class III, not a Class II.

I think his result is quite acceptable just for 2,104 graft.。 More attention was to place the grafts in the right angle and direction to look natural. Even his hairdresser can't tell he had a hair transplant. To me a natural looking result is the more important concern in any hair transplant procedure.

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