12 Years Anniversary

Established in 2009, Dr Bertram has been serving local and overseas clients for 12 years. Our world class Hair Transplant Center is proud to be accreditated by various international medical bodies. To meet the new standards set up by the Department of Health, we moved to a new premise in 2020 upgrading our facility and equipment for your comfort and safety.

Purposely Designed FUT and FUE Rooms

Our center was carefully planned after visiting many hair transplant clinics all over the world. For your comfort, seperated rooms are set up for FUT, FUE, and SMP.

hair transplant clinic
We use 10X magnification microscopes to preserve stem-cells

FUT grafts harvested from the donor site must be dissected into individual follicles for insertion. To avoid transection they have to be prepared under stereoscopic microscopes.

Ultimate Hair Transplant Chair

We have imported from USA a surgical chair purposely built for hair transplant. This chair allows 2 team members to assist the doctor during the procedure. The neck support was specially designed to accommodate the patients in a comfortable position throughout the procedure. This is important as most procedure will take 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Infection Control

Our center only engages in hair transplant and SMP. This is to avoid cross-contamination. We follow a strict Infection Control Protocol and our infection rate is less than 1%. Routine antibiotic cover is no longer necessary. We ensure good ventilation at all time to reduce air-borne wound and respiratory infections.

Shampoo Room

We Wash Your Hair The Next Day. Proper hair wash is an important part of wound care after hair transplant. We have set up a shampoo room for proper hair wash before after the procedure.

Sunetic Hair Laser

We provide free laser therapy using the imported Sunetic Laser (USA). It has been shown that using Low Level Laser Therapy following hair transplant hastens graft growth and promotes wound healing. Our USA imported Sunetics Model G Laser was designed to give 100% coverage to the treatment area. The patient sits under the laser hood for 20 minutes to initiate healing and to increase scalp circulation. Result is impressive.

Own Toilet Facilities

The worse embarrassment is half way through the procedure, you have to use the public washroom. With your pyjamas and bloody dressing on the head. you attract attention like a Frankestein. It won't happen here with us. We have our own toilets for your convenience.