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Non-Shaven Hair Transplant

We have provided hair transplant for doctors, lawyers, CEO, professors, or even judge of the High Court who:
•   Do not want people to know about their hair transplant
•   Do not want to shave for the procedure
•   Do not want to have obvious thinning in the Donor Area afterwards
•   Minimal downtime, back to work as soon as possible

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Your Choice of Techniques

In 2019 ISHRS describes FUT, FUE and SMP as the Triple Crown, being the latest development in Hair Restoration. We offer various combinations of FUE, FUT, COMBO, and SMP techniques to meet your individual need.

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COMBO maximizes number of grafts and coverage.

Reasonable Cost

We are not the cheapest but offer the best value for your money, considering our skill and facilities. We are the first in Hong Kong to offer "Fixed Cost Per Job" service charge. You can be sure there is no hidden cost.

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Hairline Restore Expert

We have special interest in Women and Men Hairline Restore. Our Laser Hairline Placement device has been used by doctors all over the world. In 2012 we have introduced the Female Hairline Extension Technique.

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Largest Team in Hong Kong

The largest surgical team in Hong Kong devoted only to Hair Transplant and SMP. Our staff are fully trained overseas for up to one year, and attend regular meetings to keep up-to-date with latest development in the field.

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Your Safety Comes First

Patient safety is always our first priority. Our large time markedly reduces the operating time. We follow the American Standard of Office Procedure in administering local Anesthesia. Our Infection Control Protocol has achieved a minimal infection rate. Perioperative antibiotic has not been prescribed for last 7 years.

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Our technique lets you wash hair next day

International & Local Accreditations

Our standard of service have been recognised by international medical organisations such as ISHRS, ABHRS, AAHRS and WFI. We are the only non-hospital based Hair Transplant Center in Hong Kong accreditated the ISO 9001:2008.

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The availability of permanent donor hair is limited. Our Better Graft Survival Program makes sure the tranplanted graft would survive to give the best result. Genuine before and after pictures are available online or in our center for your close inspection.

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Medical Ethics

We accept the moral responsibility in performing hair restoration surgery, not taking financial advantage of patients. Treatment is only offered when reasonable result can be anticipated under normal circumstances, as we acknowledge that we are in a position to affect each patient’s appearance, self-confidence, and possibly the success of the patient for his or her entire life. The patient’s confidences would be kept private at all time.

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Elected Director of ABHRS Ethnic Committee

Focus on Graft Survival

The final result of the hair transplant procedure depends on how many grafts actually regrow. Since 2012 we have utilized the latest biotechnology development to improve graft survival. This includes the use of 10 x Manifification microscopes, Lyposomal ATP, Sunetic Laser, and Hypothermosol Storage Solution.

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We use Microscopes to preserve the stem cells.

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Hair Transplant Centers Checklist


Every Hair Transplant Center claims to be the best. We strongly recommend visiting different centers, meet their doctors, and check their result. We love to be compared !

Sara, Consultant Director   

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Our Center


•   ISHRS Graduate Fellow
•   ISO 9001:2008 Certification
•   ABHRS Diplomate ( 2010-2020 )
•   ISHRS Fellow Member
•   WFI Fellow Member
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Training •   FUE - Training in Europe 2006
•   FUT - ISHRS Fellowship Training Program 2008
•   Attend Workshops and Meetings since 2007
•   Appointed ABHRS Examiners since 2011

Our Team •   Largest teams in Hong Kong
•   Transplant up to 4,500 grafts in 1 session
•   Over 12 years of experience

Technique Options •   FUT
•   FUE
•   Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP)
•   FUT + FUE + SMP in various Combinations

Hairline Design •   Patent Handheld Laser Device
•   Female Hairline Extendion Technique
•   Key Area Transplanting Technique
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Graft Preparation •   Using stereo-microscopes

Graft Storage •   Lyposomal +/- Hypothermosol Solution

Safety •   Level I conscious sedation USA standard
•   Basic Life Support Certificate and AED
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Downtime •   Non-Shaving in FUT
•   Hairwash the Next Day
•   Back to Gym within a week
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Post-Op Care •   Use of low level laser ( Sunetic Laser Hood )
•   ATP energy spray (Imported from USA)
•   Specially formulated shampoo
•   Regular Follow Up

Facial Swelling •   Incidence less than 1% with our protocol

Wound Infection •   Incidence less than 1% with our protocol
•   No antibiotic required in 99% of cases

Fee for Service •   Fixed price per job policy
•   Charge per Graft ( Not per Hair )
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