We offer doctor consult only if you're good candidate for Eyebrow Transplant after online assessment.

History Taking

The doctor will take a detail history regarding
•   reason for eyebrow transplant
•   family history of hair loss
•   medication and allergy
•   general health

Physical Examination

He will examine your eyebrow, scalp and hair, checking:
•   extent and hair characters in the affected area
•   quality and quantity of donor hair
•   any associated skin disease

Make A Diagnosis

•   No treatment will work unless the problem is known
•   The doctor will try to make a diagnosis of your eyebrow problem

Treatment Plan

He will discuss the pros and cons of the various options:
•   tattoo vs.
•   medical treatment vs. eyebrow transplant

Patient Selection

Doctor will not offer eyebrow transplant unless:
•   good result can be anticipated
•   patient's expectation is reasonable and achievable
•   no other contraindication such as chronic disease, immunosuppression etc.

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Eyebrow Design & Area To Be Covered

•   he will design a eyebrow best suit your look
•   referred to our Imagine Designer Poppy if necessary
•   estimate the total number of grafts

Explain The Procedure & Postop Care

He will discuss in detail:
•   how the procedure is done
•   how many day off after the procedure
•   general care after surgery
•   when to resume sports and daily activities
•   possible complications and the management
•   what to expect after procedure

Answer Your Questions

•   The cause of underlying problem will be discussed
•   The doctor will attempt to address any of your concerns regarding treatment plan