eyebrow hair transplant

Traditionally, the remedy for thin or sparse eyebrows has been to rely on makeup products or tatooing to fill in "gaps". Those who expect a more permanent result have now one option: Eyebrow Transplant. This is an office procedure performed by doctor. Hairs are surgically removed and transferred from the back of the head under local anesthesia. Eyebrow hair hransplant before and after pictures can be found here.

Who benefit from Eyebrow Transplant ?

Eyebrow transplant was initially used to repair defect. Recently there has been a surge of demand by both men and women in enhancing the shape and thickness of their normal eyebrow. Eyebrow transplant can produce very natural looking result in the following conditions:

1. Scar Repair

eyebrow hair transplant before and after

•   Thicken thin eyebrow
•   Correct Birth defect
•   Damage after removal of tattoo
•   Scar caused by injury & surgery

2. Add-On Density

eyebrow hair transplant before and after

Re-contour your eyebrows to shape and size you want.
Our Professional Beautician Sara can assist you in designing a natural looking eyebrows.

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3-D Approach in Eyebrow Transplant

Result from using the traditional technique was too "Flat" to meet their high expectations. We have therefore adopted a new 3-dimensional approach to mimic mother nature, paying meticulous attention to the:
•   anatomy and shape of a normal eyebrow
•   Individual differences between their eyebrow
•   scalp hair characters

The Technique

•   Careful selection of matching donor hair, avoiding white and thick hair
•   Mark the positions of the head, peak, and tail of the eyebrows according to patient's liking
•   Ensure the patients agree with the eyebrow design
•   Adjust the angle, orientation, and direction of insertion along the eyebrow for a 3D Effect
•   Hair of different calibers are planted at different sites
•   Follow our "Eyebrow Taming Protocol" to ensure transplanted hairs flow naturally.

How Many Grafts?

The total number of graft would depend on 3 factors :
•   Density desired, usually 30 - 50 grafts per sq.cm
•   Amount and quality of your existing eyebrow
•   Length and width of your desired eyebrow to calculate the total areas

More is obviously required for males who wish to have thicker and wider eyebrows. In general 250 to 300 grafts are needed per side (500 to 600 for both sides) to rebuild an entire eyebrow of average density. Less if only part of the eyebrow needs to be repaired. More for those who prefer bushy eyebrow.

Where And How We Get the Grafts ?

We take the grafts from the mid-lower occipital area of the scalp, where the hairs are least likely to turn gray and have the best texture and curl. Scalp hair of similar caliber to the eyebrow hair would be chosen. The grafts can be harvested by FUT or FUE. Our doctor will discuss with you during the consultation.

What Grafts are Used

A graft is an intact piece of hair-follicle tissue to be implanted. We carefully choose hair to match the existing eyebrow. For the most natural-looking result, only 1-hair follicular units are used for the eyebrow.


•   Those who desire a perfect result should first tattoo lightly the eyebrow shape to ensure symmetry.
•   This service is included in our "Perfect Eyebrow Package" .
•   Blood thinner such as Aspirin and Plavrix should be stopped a week before. Otherwise the transplanted area is prone to bleeding and bruising after the procedure.
•   Keep some hair at the back of the head to cover the donor area

Pain Less Local Anesthesia

Our procedure is performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation. The use of the very fine 33G needle ( 0.2mm tip ) and a slow injecting technique are the keys to minimize discomfort during injection.