The next day after eyebrow transplant. Expect some swelling and redness.


•   Result of eyebrow is permanent
•   The transplanted eyebrow will grow fast and requires regular trimming
•   A touch-up in density may be required in 10% of cases
•   Transplanted hair will turn gray or white on aging
•   Bruising +/- swelling around the eyes may ocur and take 5-7 days to subside

Wound Care

No dressing is required. Our center adopts waterproof eyebrow implanting technology. The face can be washed by the next day. We will provide detailed postoperative guidelines with online support. The areas should be kept moist the first 3 days. Follow-ups are scheduled the next day, after 1 week, and then after 3 months.

Smoking and Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for the first two days after your procedure. Alcohol thins the blood and may cause bleeding or bruising. Please cut down on smoking for at least a week after your surgery. Too much nicotine will cut down on blood supply and affect graft survival.

When To Expect Seeing Result ?

In contrast to scalp hair transplant, most transplanted eyebrows do not shed and continue to grow. Good result in most cases can be seen after 4 months. We recommend to wait at least 6 months before considering any touch-up in density, if required

Trimming the Eyebrows

Normally, eyebrow hair stops growing when they are about 2 or 2,5 centimetre long. Since the transplanted hair is taken from the scalp, it acts as it is still on the head grows faster and longer than the original eyebrow hair. Therefore, you will need to trim them once or twice monthly. However after about 6 months, the transplanted hair will automatically slow down their growth. Trimming would then be less often.