Estimating the cost is a complicated factor, and cannot be done just by a phone call or email. The cost depends mainly on the number of grafts required to achieve the expected result. 4 factors must be considered:

hair transplant hong kong cost

1.    AREA of bald area to be transplanted

2.    DENSITY of graft desired per

3.    Amount of DONOR HAIR available for transplant

4.    Patients' EXPECTATION


During the consultation the patient and doctor need to first agree on where to transplant. Obviously the patient may want to fill up every empty spots. However the following factors must be considered:
•   Extent of current hair loss
•   Potential and extent of future loss
•   Is patient taking medication to prevent further loss
•   Budget of the patient


The purpose of hair transplant is to create a visual illusion of not being bald. When there is not enough donor hair or the budget limited, the patiens must decide which area should be transplanted first, the hairline or the crown.

Key Area Transplant

During consultation our doctor may suggest transplanting certain areas to receive the maximum coverage and best visual improvement.


The Basic - Appearance of Fullness

A full head of hair appearance is Maintained until approximately 50% of the original hair volume is lost. Thinning is apparent when light is reflected from the scalp, creating a "see-through". There is a critical density below which no visual impact will be perceived. Those with a limited budget or donor hair should make a compromise on area but not density

Recommended Follicular Unit Density

Different density will be requires to achieve expected result in different ethnic groups.

Normal 100 /
( 200 Hair)
60 /
( 160 Hair)
90 ⁄
( 170 Hair)
Minimal 40 / 24 / 35 /
Average 45 / 35 / 45 /
Dense Packing 55 / 45 / 55 /


The following factors of donor hair must be considered when planning number of grafts:
•   Diameter of hair shaft
•   Color contrast between hair and scalp
•   Straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair
•   Laxity at the Donor Area
•   Previous hair transplant, especially FUE
•   Density and Quality of donor hair
•   Size of Safe Donor Area, and amount of available donor hair for the life-time


During consultation, the doctor will determine the final cost according to:
•   Your expectation - average vs. high density
•   Level of the re-designed hairline
•   Hairline Restore vs. Add-on Density
•   The Recipient Area - shaved or not shaved