This breakthrough 3rd Generation Technique eliminates the drawbacks of standard FUE, with more natural and denser result.

What is FUE-HD

Since 2006 we have traveled to Greece, Spain, USA, Australia and many other countries to learn the different FUE techniques from internationally renowned hair transplant Master-Surgeons. Follicular Unit Excision with High Density ( FUE-HD ) was developed after our 17 years of research. This breakthrough third-generation technology-technique hybrid has proven clinically in achieving more lasting and natural result.

3 Objectives - 7 Components

FUE-HD is more than just a technique extracting hair follicles from dense area and re-implanting into thinning scalp. Rather it is a system with 3 main objectives: achieves long lasting natural-looking dense result; minimal disfiguring to the donor site; and preserves grafts for future use. Our FUE-HD has 6 key components:

Our 0.8mm Wide-Mouth Punch
Semi-Automatic Extraction Device
Key Areas Transplant for Wider Coverage
Sequential FUE Technique

Partial-Stem Cell Graft Isolation
No Touch Graft Insertion
ATP-Laser Biotechnology

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Hairline Expert

Which Type Are You ?

Hairline Restore Tip

To achieve natural long lasting result, hairline must be set according to individual facial shape, hairstyle preference, and extent of hair loss.


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Elected President of AAHRS ( 2023-24 )


Only Hair Transplant and SMP - No Botox, Filler, RGA, or Synethetic Hair

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How many consultants you've talked to had a hair transplant ? Sara in 2008 had 2,200 grafts transplanted by our doctor and fully understand your need.

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Sara Hair Transplant Channel

Sara films a series of video to provide proper information about hair transplant & hair loss.

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About Dr Bertram

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President, Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery
Chairman, ISHRS Advance Course in Hair Transplant
Graduate, 1 Year ISHRS Fellowship Training Program
Invention, Hand Held Laser Hairline Design Device
Invention, Sequential FUE Technique
Co-author of 3 Hair Transplant Textbooks
Published 12 Articles on Medical Journals
Examiner, American Board Hair Restoration Surgery
Invited Speaker on 27 Hair Transplant Lectures
Attended 20 International Meetings and Seminars
Visited 15 Hair Transplant Centers in 8 countries

First in Hong Kong

Diplomate, American Board Hair Restoration Surgery
Offer SMP and COMBO technique

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Fellow, World FUE Institute
Fellow, International Society Hair Restoration Surgery

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