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Hair transplant is a surgery. The best surgeons are those certified and recognized by international medical associations such as AAHRS, ISHRS, WFI and ABHRS.

AAHRS President

美絲顧問醫生 Dr Ng

In 2023 elected President of the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons

ISHRS Fellow

International Association of Hair Restoration Surgery ( ISHRS ) categorizes members into 3 levels. We're the only top level Fellow in Hong Kong and China.

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WFI Fellow

World FUE Institute ( WFI ) focuses on the innovative development of FUE technique. Since 2017 we're the only Fellow Member in Hong Kong and China.

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Dr Bertram is the only Center in Hong Kong that provides both FUE-HD and COMBO Hair Transplant Techniques

FUE in High Density ( FUE-HD )

Since 2006 we have traveled to Greece, Spain, USA, Australia and many other countries to learn the different FUE techniques. Our FUE-HD was developed after 17 years of research. This breakthrough third-generation technology-technique hybrid has proven clinically in achieving more lasting and natural result.

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COMBO the combination of both FUT and FUE harvesting techniques in the same procedure is the latest trend. It is the best way to obtain the largest possible number of grafts to fill up an extensive thinning area. Using COMBO we have achieved a new record of transplanting 5,000 Grafts ( 8,000 Hairs ) in one session !

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Best Choice of Professionals

Our clients include professionals from all walks of life and they all have the same requirement: to resume work with minimal downtime.

Our Services

We focus in only Hair Transplant and SMP - No Botox, Filler, RGA, or Synethetic Hair

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Meeting the World Highest Standard

In 2018, our doctor was selected by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ISHRS to receive one year Fellowship Training overseas.

ISHRS Fellowship Training Program

4,125 hours

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Other Accreditations

Passing all assessments awarded us this ISHRS Certification.

Team & Doctors

Hong Kong Largest Hair Transplant Team Looking After You


Patient Becomes Consultant

How many consultants you've talked to had a hair transplant ? Sara in 2008 had 2,200 grafts transplanted by our doctor and fully understand your need.

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